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Heliocare 360 Invisible Spray

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Heliocare 360 Invisible Spray SPF 50+

This invisible and non-oily body sunscreen absorbs quickly to leave skin protected against sun damage caused by UVA, UVB, visible light and infrared-A with additional powerful antioxidant protection with Fernblock® FC, BioShield System as well as Green Tea extract and Vitamins C

Benefits of Heliocare 360 Invisible Spray SPF 50+:
  • High protection aerosol body spray sunscreen
  • Broad-spectrum protection against UVA, UVB, visible light & infrared-A
  • Powerful antioxidant protection with Fernblock® FC & BioShield System
  • Can be sprayed at any angle for targeted & full coverage
  • Invisible protection with no white residue
  • Water-resistant & effective on wet skin
  • Formulated with Green Tea extract, Vitamins C & E

This large aerosol spray sunscreen is ideal for the protecting the body against the harmful effects of UV exposure, offering protection against UVA, UVB, visible light and infrared-A. The invisible spray absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave an oily or white residue on skin. The water-resistant formula is even effective when applied to wet skin.

Heliocare 360 Invisible Spray SPF 50+ is also enriched with the powerful and supercharged antioxidant, Fernblock® FC as well as BioShield System, which offers photo-immunoprotection to protect skin against Visible light and infrared-A.

Roxisomes, a DNA repair enzyme, delivers a repairing activity, working to restore skin after sun damage (such as DNA damage and premature skin ageing).

This body sunscreen is also enriched with Green Tea extract, Vitamins C and E.

How to use:

Shake before use. Apply evenly and liberally before sun exposure. Re-apply frequently, especially after swimming or sweating.

Do not spray directly onto face. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.

Size: 200ml

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